Dr. Allison Mendelson, D.C.

Dr. Allison Mendelson, D.C.

Doctor of Chiropractic

For Dr. Allie Mendelson, Chiropractic is not a job, it’s a mission. She became a member of Maximized Living 10 years ago after being introduced to a network of doctors and chiropractic practitioners that changed her life and her views of the profession forever. “Dr. Allie” fully incorporates into her Farmington, CT practice and her personal life Maximized Living’s mission to fundamentally change the way people view and manage their health, while adopting the movement’s 5 essentials of health.

For Dr. Allie, achieving true health doesn’t come from that pill advertised in the latest magazine. Outraged by the amount of people pushed onto a daily cocktail of expensive and potentially harmful prescriptions or drifting through their lives on antidepressants, and the alarmingly high number of children given mind-altering drugs like Ritalin, she understands that true health comes from living by the 5 essentials.

Growing up, Dr. Allie suffered multiple ear infections, strep throat and tonsillitis and spent a lot of time in her pediatrician’s office. At 18, she fell ill again with tonsillitis, but this time the antibiotics didn’t work–she was getting sicker and even had trouble drinking and eating. A marathon runner, she ended up hurting her back in a race around the same time and was in so much pain she wasn’t able to walk or drive a car. That’s when her parents sought new alternatives and decided to see a chiropractor.

The results were amazing; she was back running in a week and shortly after adjustment, 5-month long battle with tonsillitis ended. For Dr. Allie, seeing a chiropractor was a life-changing experience. She entered Chiropractic school, determined to share her experience with her patients and help them live a healthy life free of medication.

Dr. Allie is currently co-authoring a book, Maximized Kids, with two other Maximized Living doctors. Recently she launched a daily blog to help mothers incorporate the Maximized Living 5 essentials into their family lives. Each of these essentials work together to keep the cells in optimal shape and the body functioning at its highest levels. Dr. Allie Mendelson is a graduate of New York Chiropractic College. She is a frequent speaker at corporate and community organizations on the subjects of nutrition, healthy living and stress management. She also has a weekly radio show in Connecticut where she discusses a variety of health topics such as overmedication, nutrition, chiropractic, and exercise. She will have the opportunity to work as a team doctor for weightlifting, judo and wrestling at the 2012 London Olympics.

Dr. Allie resides in Farmington with her husband Dave and her two sons, Zach and Noah.